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Below are some common questions we are asked. If you require more assistance please contact us or telephone us and we will be happy to answer your query.


Can I fit a type Approved towbar myself or do I have to go to an authorised fitter?
YES. You can fit the towbar yourself provided that it is installed in accordance with the instructions provided.


How can I tell if a towbar is EC Type Approved?
It will have a label, data plate or stamping showing an E No. (e.g. E11*0001*00). This figure denotes that it is EC Approved in the UK (E11), has approval number (0001), of EC Document revision 0.


Will my bumper need cutting?

It has become more popular for towbars to require a bumper cut. Most towbars have to fit to the vehicle manufactures specified towbar mounting points and with modern bumpers stretching underneath the vehicle many bumper cuts are required. However many are “non-visible” bumper cuts. Contact us or phone us for details on your vehicle.

Does the towbar come with fitting instructions?
Yes all towbars come with fitting instructions. If you want a copy just email us.


Can I fit a cycle carrier or stabiliser between the towbar faceplate and the towball, when the towbar is EC Type Approved?
YES. Towbars are tested with a minimum spacer of 25mm between the towball and the towbar.


I only tow a small trailer on rare occasions, surely I don’t need a type approved towbar?
YES. The towbar must be certified even if not used for towing! Otherwise it does not comply with the Road Traffic Act.


Can I fit the electric kit to my own car?
Modern electric kits come complete with instructions, if you have any doubts you should always employ an approved stockist to install your electrics.

What is a dedicated kit?
A dedicated kit consists of a vehicle specific wiring harness and control unit with plugs, connectors and relays designed to fit and operate specifically with your vehicle.


Would a dedicated kit be better than a universal kit?
Yes, dedicated wiring kits are specially designed to work in harmony with your vehicle’s electrical system. Some will communicate with other vehicle control units to alter other vehicle settings accordingly. This will also activate the dash trailer indicator warning light, deactivate parking aids and the vehicle’s rear fog lamps. These are model dependant features that will soon come as standard on most kits.


Are dedicated kits difficult to fit?
Generally not, as full and detailed instructions come with the kit. However, as the title suggests, they are specific to each vehicle and some will need more skill to install than others. Fitting is usually done within an hour and we do recoding in-house so there is no need to go to a main dealer on some models. The safety and user benefits make the extra cost and time worthwhile.